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История одежды Makia началась в 2001 году с того, что трое финнов Йони Малми, Йусси Оксанен и Ивар Фоугштедт решили создать свою финскую мужскую коллекцию одежды, по-фински непринужденную и стильную. Многие известные личности принесли бренду мировую известность, в том числе пилот Формулы 1 Кими Ряйккенен и актер и певец Веса-Матти Лойри.

Hailing from the old workers district Punavuori, in Helsinki Finland, comes MAKIA. A modern, yet old fashioned clothing company that reflects the Finnish tradition of simple straight forward design.

Appreciating quality comes naturally to Finns that endure chilling winds and below zero temperatures during the winters. We at MAKIA wanted to embody these values in our clothes and make them an easy stylish choice to wear, without having to think too much about it.

Jackets, sweatshirts, Trousers, Shirts, T-Shirts, shoes and Accessories.
Makia produces easily approachable clothing to stand the test of time, equally in quality and over trends. We thrive for making our designs as usable and functional as possible, to become a part of our customer's everyday life. No-nonsense clothing that you won't want to throw away.

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